Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1 Year, 22.1 Days

I’m posting a backlog. Bloody Internet has been broken, so have intermittent connection. Get it while you can…

Friday, 14 September 2007

More advice to myself, Part Trios:

Being off sick is not the fun sojourn into the delights of daytime telly, wearing your PJ’s all day, sleeping in late and generally revelling in the delights of not working. (Sounding like a stuck record? Thought so.) No, no, no. It is hard. It is a full time job being sick, and another getting well. Your days will be filled with form filling, feeling guilty about not working, getting to appointments and yes, you guessed it – being alone.

Even if you have a partner to share in the delights of your illness, they will have to go out to work during the day and they won’t be too delighted to come home to piles of unwashed dishes, no food in the fridge and no dinner prepared. They will not understand that you slept all day because you were too scared to stay awake. Too scared at what lurked on the floor and in the rooms beyond the door if you got out from under your saviour – the duvet.

Unless, that is, you are living with Mr. Gandhi himself.

They will freak out when you call them randomly during the course of their busy day, terrified that you are going to throw yourself out of the window by accident. They will look at you in disbelief when you tell them to hide all the sharp objects in the house. They will not understand your rationale of believing that you won’t wake up after taking your sleeping tablet, and quite possibly will get impatient when you need them to hold your hand to walk ten paces to the doctors surgery.

They will (if they are not Mr. Gandhi), throw in the towel after a while because as any sane person knows – they cannot join you where you are going.


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