Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 355 - posted Day 356

Today I did things like: ordered a hosepipe for the bedroom, bought a lamp for the kitchen drawer and a snake for the kitten.

I also self-harmed, had a visit from the Charlie’s Angel (she is now singular), cried – a lot, cancelled my appointment with the "befriender" for tomorrow and found a tabletop in the street. I then painted the tabletop and mounted it – on top of a table. Framed and hung a tea towel (picture rail hanging is quite traumatic, no nails, pins or blue tack allowed here) and cleaned out the still smelling drawers with a magical mixture of vinegar, lemon juice and cedar wood oil. My house smells like a chippy. I also washed dishes, spoke to my Mama several times, made a compilation CD for a friend (it was intended to cheer her up, but it may just tip her over the edge with my choice of song), packed up some stuff to post, paid the neighbour for cleaning the stairs and watched some TV. Oh, and made a doctors appointment for Wednesday. And put stuff out for the special uplift today – that didn’t get uplifted.

Since I started all the clearing/sorting out last week (for the inspection), I can’t seem to sit still for five minutes. I hang pictures with tears rolling down my cheeks and self-harm when I have a fag break.

Something is stirring, I can feel it…


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