Saturday, August 04, 2007

Day 345 - Friday

It’s 12.59am and I’m still awake, which considering the exhaustion of the past week, seems a little bizarre. But as I slouch here across my still unmade bed, in the mess, tippy-tapping away on my keyboard I find myself not wanting to actually ‘go’ to bed - mainly because I don’t like the way my bed is facing. The bed is currently situated behind the bedroom door, as it opens – on the same wall as the door is. It was previously against the wall beside the wall the door is on. It moved. And now I think I want to move it back. Move, move, move. “Dammit”

My Mum philosophises that it (the constant moving of furniture) is because I am restless (body, soul and mind, I think she means). I think it’s because furniture annoys me. Especially when it WON’T FIT. I lie awake at night thinking up new arrangements - the ritual has become very important; like drinking water. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember, much to the bemusement of flatmates and ex partners and of course my ever patient Mama, when I was smaller. I sometimes wonder if I bolted things to the floor, if I would just get out the crowbar and prise beds and armchairs free so I could twirl and twirl and twirl them around when they started to annoy me?

And now my bed is annoying me so much I shall have to go and take a pill and go to sleep before I chop it up with a giant pair of fabric scissors. Have you seen fabric scissors? They could cut through a tin can if they wanted to. Or maybe they shall just embed themselves in my chest, by “accident”?

I shall not tell you about my busy day. It was terribly busy today. Maybe I’ll tell you tomorrow.


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