Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 336

"H-appy Anniversary to me, Happy Anniversary to me, Happy Anniversary to me-ee, Ha-a-a-ppy Aaanniversary to meeeee."

Yup. Two years ago today I 'crashed' and in a salute to "Top Gun" pilots, I am still burning. And how am I celebrating it? By waiting for the Crisis Intervention Team to arrive - I tell not a word of a lie.

I went for another review at the Biscuit Centre at 10am this morning (after my “complaint” yesterday) and the very helpful lady I spoke to pressed the proverbial "PANIC" button minutes after my interview started and now it's all action stations. I'm not sure how I am feeling right now - somewhere in between a very surreal place of curiosity...and terror. I sort of want to laugh because I haven't changed what I am saying at all. I am saying the same thing I have been saying for forever it seems, over and over, but this time, someone actually heard it and at the moment that seems really funny. Until I think about being sectioned and then no, not so funny.

So now I am at home, waiting for the cavalry and all I can think of is that I missed the postman while I was out, and therefore missed my delivery of DVD's from the DVD library. Very annoying. I was so looking forward to Hugh keeping me company tonight.

Note: Attacked arm last night and now have large bandage over holes. Now I wasn't doing that two years ago today. I might write a list later of all the other things I do now, that I didn't do then.

Also is it appropriate or indeed relevant for a CPN to ask you how your libido is?

“…Ha-a-a-ppy Aaanniversary to meeeee..."


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