Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 329

Bloody weird people sending me emails wanting to be my friend. Are they stupid? I want them to be my friend as much as I want a "24 hour erection", or "nasty big balls". Just as much as I want ex, ex boyfriends calling me in the middle of the night and then hanging up when I answer; calling the next day with elaborate lies about their "pockets calling me" and sending me emails on their fucking 'buddy' lists asking me to sign up as a friend on MySpace. Are you KIDDING me?

Got prescription filled, went to local charity shops, took some photos and did some future planning and then got very, very, very irritable. Well, it started as panic and has now become full on, rage. Rage big enough to smash windows, throw laptops and burn down buildings.

I am so sick of..."OH, FUCK OFF".


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