Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Day 286

An eerie sense of calm prevails this evening – well, it’s 1am now, so I think we can safely say this morning. I’m not sure if the Diazepam helped today, or just the need to get on and do something won outright i.e. getting to my hair appointment. I have taken one of the festering bin bags out and almost filled up the other this evening, ready to go outside. I’ve sorted mail into piles to be looked at tomorrow and am sitting here writing post it notes with things to do on them. I also helpfully wrote: “Today is Tuesday” on one of them and stuck it on the wall beside my bed, ready for the morning. So, I’m just half lying here, waiting for Zopiclone to kick in so I can get some sleep in the hope that I can get up in the morning and start afresh.

The urge to around the house and check things are off and that I haven’t left fag butts burning (I don’t smoke inside since I moved) and candles lit, that taps aren't running and doors unlocked is getting bigger by the minute, but if I hold off long enough, I will soon be too groggy to move. OCD-like tendencies, you have been foiled this evening. (I don’t suppose it matters that I spent at least 20 minutes before getting into bed checking all of the above?)

I ordered a couple of cordless telephones for the flat today so I can have a phone close by me wherever I am. I currently drag my one telephone with me from room to room by its giant extension cable, and after my mobile met with a pink, fluffy, bubble-filled bath disaster; I'm not up for taking any more chances. I need to put emergency contact numbers in each room too, another thing to add to my awe inspiring ‘To do list’. You would be surprised how stuck you can get in one room in a small flat. I spent the entire weekend, bar a few hours on Sat morning in my bedroom. I think I only left the room to pee; even then, I waited untill I thought I might wet the bed. "It's alll about learning to live with your disability". So I'm told.

Must buy more bed socks my other ones have turned themselves into ankle warmers there are so many holes in them. I hate having cold feet. How ironic.

I think I used the word ‘simile’ incorrectly yesterday or the other day or perhaps earlier. I hate that. Mind you, let's not get into the list of mistakes I've made...


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Hey, hoping you're ok, it's been a while.. :)


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