Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 216 - Tuesday

My Mum left today. She left and I went horizontal, just like that.

It’s still spring though. I love the feel of the cool, crispy air. I spent the day with the flat windows, wide open. Birds were singing – it was pretty idyllic, apart from my lack of enthusiasm for packing and the fact that my eyes were closed.

I have three areas left to do: The naughty underwear drawer, (‘naughty’ because they won’t sort/pack themselves and have been banished to the drawer until they are ready to behave) the evil cupboard full of dead DVD players and the bags of art crapola that float ceaselessly around my dwelling space. Oh and the magazines, the piles and piles of magazines. I prescribe heavily to looking at pretty things, particularly interiors. Martha Stewart has newfound place in my heart. Well, “Martha” actually doesn’t, because as we all know, she ain’t responsible for making all those magazines or having all those ideas single-handedly. And she looks a little smug, smug and punch-able. Mind you I'd look smug if I came out of the slammer with my career intact… She did however teach me how to repair a scratch on a CD with a daub of toothpaste, so I suppose I should be grateful for that. That woman has more helpful tips than a Brownie with a safety pin.

I wish Martha were here to help me pack.

I fixed my iPod today. I can still fix things. No boyfriend required. I am very clever, very clever indeed.


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