Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Day 209

The problem with sleeping all day to try to avoid life, in general, means that you are up 'till after 3am cleaning. I wonder how my neighbours feel about me running my washing machine at this hour? Well, actually I don't care because it's payback for all their hollering.

The mass exodus has begun in earnest this week. I have an amazing old friend (that I completely adore) coming up to visit from London town on Wednesday and I am trying desperately to make the house habit/visitable for her arrival. As my move to the new place is also imminent I am trying a new tack of chucking out and tidying first, so that when packing time comes, all I have to do is order my minions to box up everything that's left. So, four giant black bags of rubbish, an immaculately clean bathroom and sixty thousand pieces of shredded paper later, it looks like I am getting somewhere. Well, there's a dent in it at least.

Sometimes I really wish I didn't come from a family or hoard'ers.

Last night I started a new piece of (art) work. Something that has been twirling round in my head for months with the rest of the paraphernalia that is up there. Nothing short of a miracle.


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