Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 197

After sleeping painfully on the couch all night I climbed into bed and under the duvet and stayed there - all day. It's nice under the duvet, especially when the duvet has no cover on it (cardinal sin) and the light shines through it. It's almost like being inside an egg.

Lost out on that flat from yesterday, the dude wanted it after all. [Fate/circumstantial/missed opportunity because of laziness - delete as applicable]

It (still) surprises me that people are still shocked (surprised) when you say you are suicidal. "Just because I don't tell you doesn't mean I don't think it." All the time. It's hardly something that you want to keep reminding people. Maybe I should just say: "I'll tell you when I've stopped wishing my life away/hoping I could just vanish/wanting to die - otherwise just assume it's a daily thing."


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