Monday, March 05, 2007

Day 194

I've been busy all day long and yet I feel like I've achieved nowt. Yes siree; nothing, nope not nada. Zip.

I did the walk of misery to Asda listening to old Aerosmith, even that failed to lift my spirits, (perhaps) unsurprisingly. I spent about three hours in there, even though I had a pre planned list. I'm not entirely sure how I managed that. By the time I left it was dusk and pissing with rain. Tick, tick, tick on the massive to do list, but yet no sense of achievement. Hmmm.

I took the gauze off the (offending) arm today and am less freaked out by what is underneath it. Bring on the elastic bands and red felt tip pens I say.

[Funny how you start to feel that your altered (sick) perception of life is the real one. And that others have started to treat you as if your altered state is normal. But maybe that's just acceptance? I don't know if I like it.]

How dull this all is (see above).


Blogger MasterQ said...

Yeah, I wish people treated my altered perceptions as normal. I think I'm fine, but when I do what I have no problem with they freak. Maybe it is just me.

1:31 am  

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