Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day 172.1

I can eat salad. I am so excited. I can eat a big bowl of salad. And I like it.

I can't eat chicory leaves, or iceberg lettuce, or plain old garden lettuce but I can eat romaine. I can also eat Parmesan, little bits of chicken breast or teeny bits of bacon. Avocado, if it is cut up very small and Caesar dressing.

I can eat salad.

I can also drink juice if it is diluted and tastes like mangoes.

Oooh, and poached eggs. As long as they are on salad. As long as they are on salad. Who would have thought the humble lettuce leaf could bring so much joy? Of course in this bleak, mid-winter who would think of eating salad? And then it came to me; cold, green leaves = nice.

Hurrah for the salad. Everyone, eat salad!

I went shopping in Asda today, for two hours. I have a 'thing' with supermarkets, as long as they are cheap and have a good mix of clothes, books, DVD's, magazines, food, homewears and toiletries. I love it when you can find beautiful things in crappy places. I took my little bag of saved up coins from by cat bank, put it in one of those coin sorter machines, and got free (I know) stuff back. Love it. I got four, plain, plain, plain dinner plates for £2. Plain is very good at the moment because colourful things are winding me up. I think I was Amish in another life. I would quite like to be Amish sometimes. Sometimes Catholic…

I also bought strawberries; because I read somewhere you should eat strawberries. So, tomorrow morning I am going to try and eat strawberries for breakfast. I thought that might be a good time for eating strawberries. What did slightly disturb me was the fact that the strawberries came in a heart shaped punnet, and you know why that is.

Please note: I am not normally a fussy eater. I usually eat everything. I was brought up to eat everything on my plate – even if you didn’t like it. I can only assume depression/stress/medication makes you like food less. And smells. And people. And going outside. And life, in general.

But who cares? I can eat salad. I am also quite enjoying the writing today; just don’t tell, “You know who”.

Yellow today. Today was yellow. Probably should have been green because of the romaine...geddit? Romaine, lettuce, green?


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