Monday, December 04, 2006

Day 106

A few things I have noticed today:

1) I am disgusting. Proof being - I just washed a plate of fingernail clippings and congealed mayonaise down the sink.
2) I never do the washing up more than once, maybe twice a week.
3) I have weird fascinations with crap TV - I have now become obsessed with "Home and Away".
4) I like watching things in a series. Especially American TV shows.
5) I love Hobnobs. Especially dunked in tea or sucked.
6) I like short nails better than long.
7) I like leaving the bath tap running when I'm in the bath.
8) I enjoy reading 'craft' blogs.
9) I love old books. Especially second hand ones that have inscriptions to people I don't know on the inside covers.
10) I miss brown paper bags that we used to get when grocery shopping. (There used to be a choice at Safeway's - plastic or paper.)
11) I like old photographs.
12) I like peppermint tea with honey in it.
13) I am obsessed with birds. They don't have to be alive - in fact, I probably prefer every other kind to alive ones.
14) I like dead things.
15) I love watching scary films - even though I hate the backlash afterwards.
16) I love packaging.
17) I love paper.
18) I love type.
19) I like things that come in 3's.
20) I like trees without leaves on them.
21) Finding furniture and objects in the street makes me feel very clever.
22) I like pain au chocolat.
23) Cornflakes taste like cardboard when you haven't smoked for a week.
24) I like peppermint in things. Especially hot chocolate.
25) I love iced coffee.
26) I like black interiors.
27) Grey is now a colour I think looks nice on floorboards.
28) I love old, sludgy "war time" colours.
29) Knitting is fun.
30) I love a good angle poise.
31) I love malt and cod liver oil. In a jar.
32) I love the jars that malt and cod liver oil come in.
33) I love collecting things.
34) I like blue lightbulbs. For decoration only.
35) Being honest is much harder than lying.
36) Pure wool in most forms, apart from on sheep, is very comforting.
37) I like lots of blankets.
38) Melamine was a VERY good invention.
39) I like drawing with old school pen nibs.
40) The ampersand is a lovely thing.
41) Writing lists is very satisfying.
42) Wearing 'Marigolds' makes me feel grown up.
43) Calendars are very useful.
44) I would have liked to have picked Spike Milligan's brain about a few things.


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