Thursday, November 23, 2006

Day 95

Day 95, how weird. Mum left this morning and I am feeling like a sulky ten year old. I have counselling at 4.15 this afternoon and I can't be bothered going. I don't know what I want to talk about. I'm done talking.

Yesterday was a day filled with hideous pain. Yes, hideous. It felt like my stomach was giving birth through my throat, I got Mum to count in between the spasms - 45 seconds apart. So, our fun day together was spent with me (quietly) screaming in agony and her administering medicine every two hours until it went away. Apparently some people have this all the time. That would be beyond hideous.

Anyway, "I would like a break now please", anyone that is listening that has the power to dish out illnesses. Primarily because being 'ill' is horrible, but also because I am also now slightly concerned that I shall read all of this journal at some point, and think I was the biggest hypochondriac known to man.

Moan, moan, moan. "Bring back the self-harming", I say, at least that was interesting...


Blogger Snoskred said...

No, my sister is the biggest hypochondriac known to man, and now she has access to google, she constantly searches up new illnesses for herself and the kids. They all have "allergies" - and things they can't eat because they went to see this flake with some dodgy machine that tells you what you're allergic to. I think it's a load of shyte myself.. ;)

I hope you go/went to counselling because the times I didn't go when I knew I had an appointment, it only made me feel worse. ;(

3:57 am  

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