Monday, November 13, 2006

Day 85

I'm housebound, waiting for a phone interview for the latest claim. I have been 'warned' it could take up to 45 minutes. What is this a fucking interrogation? Oh yes, almost forgot, I am a 'suspect claimant' until proven otherwise, silly me.

Just like...

Hilarious - the phone just rang and I nearly jumped out of my skin - but it was just Mum checking in. I am always so on edge with these (interview) things and appointments in general make me slightly hysterical - depending on what sort of appointment they are. Shrink appointments, for example do not make me hysterical. Neither do CPN or NHS counsellor apointments. They usually make me want to cry. I also have to concentrate a lot, when people ask me 'serious' questions under the pressure of being a 'suspect claimant until proved otherwise'. For example: it took me about three hours this morning to remember if I'd been a student in the last 4 years. I graduated in 2002 - I think, so does that mean I have or have not studied in the last 4 years? I'll tell them that anyway and they can work it out.

So, yes, ...just like the gas board they can only say the appointment will be between 12 and 5.30pm - not really an appointment then is it? Knowing my luck they will phone at 5.30.

Anyway, I have "the apron of productivity" on - it always makes me do things when I have it on. So, three bowls of dishes in dishwater, and one load of laundry later...still waiting. At least the house will look presentable again. I might have to attack the grout in the bathroom if this carries on.

Last night I discovered that a poster I purchased, of a girl from an art show I liked, looks like the ex, ex's girlfriend. It keeps making me laugh, when it doesn't freak me out. I didn't notice the likeness until I shoved it in a frame. She has the same far-apart-eye, droopy face thing happening. I might have to draw a moustache and glasses on it, and some peggy teeth, just to prove that I am superior.

"Hush now." Says the warning voice of...oh I don't know who - just someone in my head.


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