Monday, October 16, 2006

Day 57

Today I started looking for a new flat. Annnnd I think we found one - no sooner than I had mentioned it to my bestest friend, than she was on the case and on the blower with a potential in mind. We've just got to find out how difficult it will be to get all the housing benefit etc changed over to a new place; oh and go and see it. It's going to mean new doctors and a new CPN I would imagine, as I will be out of my current catchment area - so all in all - a big deal. I just hope it's worth it and that it all works out for the best. The toss up being: to move to where my friends are in the city; or to move to where my parents are in the Highlands. I chose the city. I've also got to start thinking about working again - to some degree at least. Onwards and upwards...

Oh yeah, and the bank have screwed up, yet again. Honestly, they are the most incompetent bank I have ever come across. (That was a lie - they all seem unable to do the right thing with my money.) I dread to think what administrative mess awaits me back at home in the city... Keeping on top of both of the benefits I am entitled to is a full time job, let alone trying to remember to pick up prescriptions and sick lines, manage insurance and God knows what else. I have no idea how people without help manage. Come to think of it, they probably just don't.

Today was a yella fella. Passable, with smile(s) at intervals.


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