Sunday, October 15, 2006

Day 55

Saturday 14 October 2006.

I played frisbee on the beach with my mum, step dad and sister today. Then we walked along the beach deciding how we would spend our winnings if we won the lottery tonight. My sister and I dangled from a monkey swing and swung round and around on a giant maypole with seats dangling from it. I nearly puked and we laughed 'till we almost wet our undergarments.

Later my sister and I watched a film from our youth - "Adventures in Babysitting" - we were waiting for two lines... "scrape, scrape, scrape on the babysitter's face..." and "Spaghetti-O's with meat!" We ate Thai food and chocolate cake and flicked through clothing catalogues.

It was freezing in her house. Possibly because she lives right by the sea and possibly because it is getting as cold as winter up here. Love it.

Now that sounded quite like a normal person's day. What joy!


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