Thursday, September 28, 2006

Day 39

Back home and currently kissing my computer because it is fast and actually works. Also feeling rather green after the four hour journey down from the Highlands. This has been a bit of a theme for the last week. Feeling sick that is. Plus I found out that it is going to take two WEEKS for my new meds to kick in. Bloody hell. Well, I was actually told that ages ago but it failed to sink in through my thick head.

Day 38 has been written but I was so grumpy last night that I couldn't bear to try to get the parents idiotic PC to creak into action to post it, so I might post it later. Or I might not. I can't remember if it was dull or not...

I thought of something in the car on the way down - after I had a panic attack and had to strap myself down not to leap from the moving vehicle - why is the sea salty?


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