Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day 30.2

Saving the day by watching "Runaway Bride". God, I love that film. Underneath the schmaltz it has a pretty good underlying message – especially for people who, like me, have single-ness issues. It’s the theme of choosing what kind of eggs you like (benedict, scrambled, fried) for yourself without conforming to the likes of others, that appeals to me the most.

I once read an article about a shrink whose therapy was based around films and their therapeutic qualities. He listened to his patient’s issues and then recommends a film that tackles the issues. I think he was onto something…for example I would suggest watching “The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” if you don’t understand your mother. “The Notebook” if you are unsure of whom to marry, if there is more than one party involved; and of course “Runaway Bride” if you need to figure out what kind of eggs you like. This theory subscribes mainly to the proverbial chick flick as usually any great films with any real substance don’t have the desired effect of 'upliftment' – here I’m thinking about “Life is Beautiful” – how to get through anything through the realms of fantasy or “π” – DIY trepanning.

Apart from watching this amazing film, I have managed to wash three days worth of dishes, several pairs of underpants and even had a shower. The polecat has once more left the building.


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