Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Day 23

Stuff – everywhere. Annoying beyond belief. It is a weird thing having to accommodate someone else’s belongings into you life. That would be the problem with renting a partially furnished flat. It would be ok of the stuff was nice, but old tat from the local junk shop just bungled in here to tot up the rent, is annoying. We already had to beg the landlady to get rid of the blood/vomit stained mattress of old that was here when I moved in. I must be at that ‘nesting’ age where all I want to do is rip down walls and paint nice colors and have a ‘home’. Sans boyfriend is fine, but just one permanent fixture in life would be nice. No fear of that though considering Incapacity Benefit pays a pittance. It seems a different world away when I was a career girlie in London town. I miss my job immensely and the people I worked with. One big happy family…

It’s hard to go from working, working, working to nothing. I’ve never, not had a job and I miss the graft.

Some woman is practicing her vocal range in a close nearby. Wobbly scales fill the air. I wonder if she has jowls – it sounds like she does.

See how I cleverly fill my head with trivia while I wait for my doctor’s appointment. At least this morning has not been punctuated with tears – instead a welcoming numbness has descended.

God she’s still warbling. I might have to throw rocks.


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