Monday, September 04, 2006

Day 14

A day from hell travel - wise. Everything that could go wrong did, and all I was trying to do was to get to my big sister - 4 hours away - for her birthday. Ironically this was also my first solo mission since I began self harming about 2 months ago so was a mean feat to achieve. Frought with delays, missed busses and trains, my journey was finally concluded (after setting off at 10am) at 5.30pm without (I add rather proudly) my usual, liberal sprinkling of Diazepam. The somewhat weary traveller was welcomed home with a bowl of freshly home made, mama soup; chicken and rice - our family favourite cure-all.

Now I lie here, on freshly laundered, brushed cotton bed sheets, surrounded by pictures of my late grandparents soothingly smiling upon me, listening to the last ebb of the day's hustle and bustle as the house slowly gets ready for sleep. Full of more birthday food than I care to think of right now, I have turned in for the night and scribble this down on a tatty fold of paper - ready to upload tomorrow. If, that is, I can find the old computer underneath all the books and rolls of wrapping paper in the study.

Sunday 3rd September 2006.


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