Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Day 9

I went outside the house today. Imagine my surprise. One minute I was pissing and moaning (to myself) about getting dressed, up and out - the next I was on my old friend the number 5 bus, heading straight towards town. This was however, all after I accidentally swallowed some mouthwash and thought I was going to die. I had visions of having to drink litres of milk and crawling to the local hospital to have my stomach pumped. Then I remembered that that was what you do when you swallow vast quantities of bleach. However, if I suddenly vanish and the CID are now scouring my hard drive for reasons why I was found crumpled on the floor looking a bit blue around the gills – Mr. CID man, I swallowed some mouthwash - the bottle is on the side of the bath.

Duties for today include: Sending off more forms for stupid loan insurance. Trying to get the stupid bank to give me back the money it has still stolen, and chase the Housing Benefits office.

Who said being a bit bendy in the head wasn’t fun? Oh yes, that was me.

P.S I haven’t decreased my medication further yet for I am too chicken.


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