Thursday, August 24, 2006

Day 4

1 - People should still hide their money in between the straw in their mattresses instead of using stupid banks that apply £38.00 monthly service charges to their accounts for doing bugger all.

2 - Everyone should join a library.

3 - People should remind mentally ill and very forgetful people when their sick lines are about to run out - instead of just expecting people who cannot remember their own name half the time, to remember themselves. The afore mentioned people should not just stop their Incapacity Benefit in the meantime.

4 - People on Incapacity Benefit should get free prescriptions for all the medication that they need to take to get better so they can get back to work.

5 – People should still live in crofts and live off the land.

One day I am going to have a croft in the highlands with a big ‘ole porch. I shall stand on the doorstep and wave a rife menacingly at nosey people who may stumble across my remote smallholding and shout, “Get off my land” at them. I might even set the dogs on them.


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