Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day 3

Proper pooped I am today. Crawled out of bed this morning and slithered across the bedroom floor to the kitchen before I could stand up - without opening my eyes. Prepared as ever for another day of fighting the system. Today’s battle was getting the bank to give me back the money it stole from me. Yes it did (steal it) and it still hasn’t given it back. Plus visiting the Housing Benefit office in town to remind them that yes, I was still alive and yes, I would still like the housing benefit that I am due, backdated to six months earlier.

One plus side is that I got a bus pass. It has a lovely, flapping in the wind saltire on it and you can only get one if you are ancient or a bit wonky in the head department. As I am of course the latter, I get one. Yippee, free bus for me. Plus you get a free companion pass for someone traveling with you. Which is good although I might have to clamp down and give them companionly duties to do as those so far have just been bumming along for the free ride. I might have to get them to hold my arm in a reassuring fashion or something. As long as they don’t touch me, because I don’t like people touching me. Joking aside it is pretty damn good as I have been housebound for the last age due to lack of funds, not to mention the addition of deciding that I didn’t like anyone outside my flat. So free travel is pretty liberating. I just have to get used to the other people side of things.

I also saw a woman on the bus today with the same haircut as me. My dodgy ‘Hoxton fin’ is back, although I like to think it has a Scottish slant due to my recent relocation north of the border. She must have bought the same cheapo hair clippers (money saving device for avoiding expensive haircuts) from Argos too. Big up yer bad self I though as she was about 100.

Today has so far been a yellow/green sticker day as my sister is visiting and I love her.


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