Monday, August 21, 2006

Day 1

This is me, yes it is. There was supposed to be an interestingly smiley picture of me in here, from a rare smiley day yesterday - but this stupid blog thing wouldn't upload the stupid image.

I have "mental health problems" and take so many tablets I rattle, which is quite interesting. As this (illness) is never going to happen to me ever again (it better not) I have decided to share, share, share - and here is the start of my blog all about it, and my hopefully, imminent recovery. It might all be a bit hysterical, but something to show the children at least - beg the thought. Unless I press the wrong thing on day 98 and delete the whole bloody thing.

Today is a yellow sticker day so I am at functioning level. Which is always nice. Plus my lonesome tomato is starting to turn red on my stalky stem of a plant - therefore all is well with the world. Although it has taken about three months for the green thing to go red, so now I am too scared to eat it. My strawberries (on a different plant) went red almost overnight and that seems a little more normal so I ate them quick sharp. Who knows what fate shall befall the tomato…

I buried a bird yesterday. It was tiny, a little chick I suspect. It was probably one of the stupid cats in the close that ate it half dead and left it at the bottom of the stairwell. Anyway I have such a morbid fascination with dead things, I really had to restrain myself from taking its photo. Instead I buried it under a stone. Stupid cat will probably dig it up anyway and leave it on my doormat to get his revenge anyway.

Now if I’d done that taxidermy course I could have had it mounted beside Byron. He’s my pet stuffed rook that sits on my mantelpiece.


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